Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course

The course offered goes over the mandatory minimum requirements set forth by the State of Utah. After taking the course, you must submit your completed application and $37 ($47 for out of state residents*) to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and pass a background check. Once submitted, the BCI will issue your permit within 60 days provided you meet the State of Utah's minimum criteria to carry a concealed firearm. Utah Denial, Revocation, and Suspension reference can be found here.

The course consists of basic handgun operation and safety review as well as Utah State laws pertaining to firearms. There is no "live fire" training in this course. The course is about 4 hours.

The Utah State Firearm Permit is honored in 34 other states. A Utah Resident can carry concealed in 35 States. A non-resident can carry concealed in 31 States **. Click here to download a Reciprocity List in PDF format.
* If your home state is a state that recognizes or has reciprocity with Utah Concealed permits, you must obtain your home state permit before applying for a Utah permit.

** Colorado, Florida, Michigan and New Hampshire will only recognize permits issued from the state in which you reside.


Course Fees

Utah Locations


Out of State Locations**

** This class will cover ONLY the laws and regulations concerning the State of Utah. We will not be discussing other states' laws.